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St Derma - Genuine High Quality Skin Care Products

St Derma Pty Ltd is a skincare company that is determined to bring genuine high quality life products to people, through our continued pursuit of excellences. With international market in mind, we are sourcing most of our ingredients locally in Australia to showcase the best of our nature from down-under.

It is the rich soil, clean water and nourishing sunshine that make our ingredients grow and the power of nature that makes them so effective. We also need to be mindful of the resources we use, and minimise our impact on the earth.Our aim is to innovate and offer genuine high quality Australian products to the world.

While many cosmetic companies and sales representatives many tell you that their products can go deep into skin. Have you ever asked how deep? As human body cells are layered, anything that being put on your skin will be absorbed mostly into the first layer, which is called Epidermis. It is the first layer which our naked eyes could see and our hands could touch and feel. Very little would be going into the second layer called Dermis. Your doctor, dermatologist or plastic surgeons would tell you that only needle injection could do most effectively on Dermis and deeper into your body.

Why Nano-particle is an argument?

A while ago, an independent research has discovered that many multi-national cosmetic companies have nano-particles in their cosmetics and sunscreens products. It is still unclear at current stage, but the long term exposure could cause lung damage, cell toxicity, damage DNA and possibly even harm unborn children. Our cosmetic products do not contain penetration enhancers and do not contain Nano-particle, so that we would take your worry out when choosing our products. We are also in the process of developing a nano-particle free sunscreen with another laboratory, to add UV protection onto our product range.

Pregnancy safe

To our knowledge there is no risk associated with the use of/contact with any of the ingredients we use within our products during pregnancy. Should you come across any conflicting information regarding one of our products or the ingredients that you believe we should know about please feel free to email us. While we want to give you all the facts about topics such as this, we don't intend for our advice to replace that of your qualified medical practitioner. Should you want more guidance on the matter, contact your local GP, Obstetrician or Dermatologist for more information.

No Animal testing

None of our products are animal tested and we are also against animal testing.

The truth about Preservatives

Preservatives are used to prevent cosmetics from spoiling, without them you would most likely have to store your favourite products in the fridge and that would limit the usage and convenience. Preservatives are what keep tiny micro-organisms such as bacteria and mould from contaminating your products, even when you dip your finger into the bottle.

When a product becomes contaminated not only does it lose its effective properties, but it can also cause reactions in your skin that you haven't previously experienced. So by stability test and using minimal amounts of preservatives, we can ensure that your products will stay preserved for a longer period of time, and will continue to do their job effectively whilst keep your skin protected. However, if it doesn't look right or smell right after a while, please discard the product.

St Derma News Update

Re current affair report. Our products contain much important anti-aging ingredients with reasonable price compare to high marketing brands and can be used on both face and hands. However, due to the fact of recent research reports on sunscreen containing nano particles and minerals, we do not support and want to have such ingredients to be added into our products. Therefore, until we have found or research has proven otherwise, we leave the consumer to choose their own UV protection product l, if required, on top of our creams. This way, we can provide more confidence with our products to our customers.

This is why and how St Derma seeking and proven to protect our customers, best interest on their skin