We are all photographers now. It is almost impossible to travel without taking a camera, even if itls an addendum to a mobile phone. Sales from lapanese manufacturers, which make up more than 90 percent of the world market, are running at around 100 million cameras a year, and every month three billion photos are uploaded onto Facebook, videos reach YouTube at the rate of more than 20 hours a minute, and more words and pictures are added to the 200 million exist- ing travel blogs. Nobody thinks of travelling far without a camera, and when presented with new sights, we want to view them through a viewfinder or LCD.

Recent research by a former Latin America tour guide at the anthropology department of London University concluded that, when presented with a sight, tourists always take three photo- graphs: (1) the sight, (2) their travelling companion(s) in front of the sight, and (3) themselves in front of the sight, taken by a companion. What they are doing, the writer concluded, is behaving like consumers: they had bought the travel experience, and they wanted to have the goods to show for it, the pictures of them with the items, material entitlement for the money spent. To get better travel photo, you may view some photo retouching examples.

For dramatic colour in nature, nothing beats a sunset,which is why it is so popular with photographers;to avoid your picture looking like a cliché, you need some forethought. The first thing you have to realise when photographing a sunset is that you don't have to shoot directly at the sun each time. If the light is exceptionally clear and bright, face away from it to see its reddish glow illuminating the scene stunningly.But if you do choose to shoot the sun itself, the two keys to success will be composing the sun against an interesting part of the horizon, and getting the exposure right. As the examples here show, it's what else is in the shot that makes all the difference, whether an ancient temple, or outstanding rocks on which the sun is putting on a departing show. The sun alone is never enough. When shooting into the sun, remove all filters to avoid ghost images. Polaroid filters are effective only if the sun is off to one side.

Overexposure is the worst mistake; this kind of shot wants colour richness. And if you want more landscape detail than a deep silhouette can provide, consider shooting a bracketed sequence for later exposure blending.

A telephoto will make the sun’s disc larger in the frame, and a really long lens (500mm equivalent focal length or more) can be spectacular, with the disc large enough to be a backdrop for a flock of geese, for example, in silhouette. Wide-angle compositions can also work well, with the sun a pinpoint and the horizon a wide sweep of silhouette. A cloud passing in front of the sun in this Wide-angle scenario can be useful for the composition as well as lowering the contrast.

In 2003 Stephen Johnson became the first photographer to be elected into the Photoshop Hall of Paine, an organisation that has much to slap backs about. Adobe Photoshop and its successors have meant that post-production now has just as much a roll to play in making an image as the camera. Be- cause the image can be practically re-shot on screen, altering the aperture by a full four stops, sharpening the focus and changing colour balance, many of the skills of the professional film photogra- pher are no longer necessary. Grain (“noise” in digital) has been all but eliminated and in 2005 I-IDR (High Dynamic Range) tonemapping was introduced by Adobe, allowing adjustments in brightness, contrast and saturation in local areas across the image, thereby enhancing detail. Some find the re- sults can look over-processed; others, once they learn a picture is created using HDR, say it detracts from their appreciation of the image. Whatever anybody thinks, it is a remarkable tool. If you have no time on retouching photos, choose our photoshop service as a prompt solution.

Booking International flights has never been easier and now you can get them at amazing discounted rates with customer service next to none available. Your best assistant wouldn't be anywhere as helpful to you as one of our agents.

Flight Major delivers exceptional, personalized customer service. You may expect only high standards and professionalism from our agents.Our agents work hard to find itineraries to meet your unique travel needs. We are here to help you 24/7 before, during and after your trip.

Travel documents are required to board the airplane; such documents include a valid Passport, which must be presented for all international flights. Some countries may require a visa and/or health card. It is the passenger’s responsibility to have all necessary travel documents in possession at check-in. The passengers shall verify the visa requirements for all the stops as some of the countries may require a transit visa. Those passengers transiting via or connecting between the airports within the European Union – Schengen Zone may need a Schengen Entry visa. Traveling on a one way ticket may be restricted. If you are traveling on a one way ticket, it is your responsibility to make sure you are eligible. Flight Major agents don’t advise passengers on visa or other document requirements. Please contact the embassy and/or other appropriate agency of the country you are going to visit or transit through to get the up-to-date requirements.

The airline(s) may require you to pay additional fees at the airport if your baggage exceeds certain limitations, such as the number, weight, size, and dimensions of your bags. Some airlines do not offer any free baggage allowance. Baggage allowance policies and baggage fees associated with checked or carry-on baggage vary widely and are subject to change by the airlines at any time. Be advised to check directly with the airline for the latest baggage allowance information.

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wall sticker

Christmas is coming! Are you prepared to get your room a fantastic new look to make it someone talk about? One of the most simple way is find a eye catching wall sticker. This can help you more easily to add fancy visual effect for a plain colored room to. For those people who do not want to have anything permanently placed on the walls, these removable wall sticker are helpful especially for those that rent a home or apartment. You can find these sort of decals that are designed for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and for any other room in your home and can usually commission custom decals if you can't locate any that you like. With the area of home and room design becoming a lot more of a popular do-it-yourself project area there are other options that are becoming easier to find for the average person with an internet search, and decals made from various materials and in many different sizes are no exception to this.

In practically any design, size and color possible, you are sure to find the perfect decal to decorate rooms for kids and grown ups alike. With significantly less effort, a beautiful wall mural can be placed on your wall and also be taken down easily enough without ever needing to paint the wall since the decal will by no means damage the wall surface. This is really convenient when you are decorating a kid's room because kids will grow out of designs more frequently than adults.

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