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canvas print


Preserving memories is all about etching those beautiful moments on some rock solid foundation – the foundation that will definitely last longer than those temporary solutions in the market. What we are going to talk about in here is getting your pictures together on a quality canvas by a professional canvas print maker. What is truly adorable about Canvas Champ’s canvas print products is that their high quality canvas print products reflect their skilled craftsmanship to utmost perfection. Consider all this at quite an affordable pricing scheme – a total win-win for the perfect gift for the perfect occasion.


We were on the lookout for some quality gifting – one that would exclusively stand out for the perfect occasion. However, apart from the regular mug gifts and the soft toys, we rarely could come across a convincing piece that would actually befit our feelings. It was a mere coincidence that we came across these canvas print products. Upon conducting further research, we got to know that Canvas Champ’s photos to canvas print products are one of the best in the market. What more, they actually fit our budget perfectly!

canvas print


The most attractive thing about canvas champ’s canvas products – they are completely drawn off from the traditional and regular canvas paints. They host a quality shine canvas elaborated with vivid imagery. Additionally, they require very less or no maintenance at all. All these attractive features that come within the budget of the ordinary individual make them the most desirable of products for gifting purposes.


One can easily view their product ranges from their website. However, considering the fact that this is a product review, we will stick to some basic canvas prints that are popularly in demand nowadays.

Types of Canvas Prints offered:

Rolled canvas: Highly stretchable that comes in a roll form which can subsequently be expanded for display in different ways.

Single Panel Canvas: The most conventional of canvas prints, the works are primarily portrayed on a single flat panel derived from some excellent quality wood.

Three Panel Canvas: The imagery is displayed in three different panels giving the appearance of a trendy split image, most often in the form of adorned blocks.


Personally, Canvas Champ’s canvas print products haven’t stopped appealing to our senses since the time we got our eyes on them. Comparted to some regular gifting ideas like a mug or custom print t-shirts, these products offer quite an attractive piece of decoration worth cherishing forever. The finishing of these products is totally awesome and the high skilled craftsmanship and creativity is easily reflected at one glimpse of these products. A fine piece of art, Canvas champs’ canvas print products are the perfect source for capturing the memories of a lifetime. We couldn’t resist these products and we are sure, you can’t too!

The main purpose of a wedding photographer is to capture the true essence of love and splendour on this significant occasion. As a protagonist of this tale, you have a duty to aid the photographer by creating the most captivating matrimonial setting. This is why you should pay close attention to these details:

The Mesmerizing Venue


The location of the event is going to be quite a significant aspect of the wedding photos. Surely you want your background depicting flawless nature and beautiful decoration. One of the most important factors is definitely going to be the lighting in the venue. Unfortunately, you can never rely on the mixture of natural and ambient lighting to do the trick. Make sure to work with your photographer to enable quality lighting so he would be able to capture the complete wonder of the venue. Another thing to keep in mind is that contrasting colours and textures have the ability to add a divine touch to a photograph.

The Amazing Wedding Cake


There is that age-old tradition that couples should save a piece of their wedding cake years after the ceremony. And while this folklore is quite meaningful, there is no better way to make a memory of the wedding cake than to photograph it in its full richness. If you want your cake to look magical make sure to add candles around the cake and invest in some luxury silk linen. You could always add some monogrammed letters or words to achieve that wow effect on the wedding photos.

The Wallop of the Guests

While nobody expects you to run around on your wedding day and teach your guests how to behave, if you really want to catch the frolic of your loved ones, it is quite recommendable to set some ground rules. Firstly, you should kindly ask your guests to put down their phones and simply enjoy the event. You surely do not want tons of wedding photos where your guests have their faces buried in the phones. Also, communicate with your photographer to do some work “from the shadow.” This way he will be able to capture spontaneous moments, the truest smiles and tears of joy of your closest friends and family.

The Beauty of the Bride


Lastly, what needs to be remembered is how you looked on that divine day. The choice of the dress is one of the most important parts, so make sure to keep in mind that silk and satin have the tendency to add grandeur and dignity to photos. Also, the lace details of your veil will give a whimsical touch to the complete setting, while a close-up of your bridal shoes will show the full grandiosity of your look on this special occasion. Do not underestimate the power of makeup. The balance is key here, as you do not want to look neither trashy nor bland.

One day, when you look back on your special day, what memories are going to be the most vivid ones? Are you going to remember the gown you wore and the tender smile of your loved ones? Make sure that all these memories count.

photo retouch with dslr

Shooting with DSLR could be a fantastic experience if using properly. It will help capture valuable moment that you will never forget. As the DSLR technology advancing it will integrate more features like sophisticated light sensors and composition analyzing algorithms to deliver great photos. With proper settings on your camera and right way to operate, you can shoot some photos like professional photographers. DSLR can output RAW digital images, allow you to adjust or improve by post photo retouching. With tools like photoshop you can also create some amazing effect that even hardly be seen in a real environment.

How much do you know about car insurance in Australia? If you are like most drivers, you are acutely aware that you are required to have compulsory third-party cover in order to register your vehicle. That may be the extent of your knowledge. As an industry leader in fast and secure car insurance quotes, we get a lot of questions from customers looking to understand what it is they are purchasing.

From our experience, the two most frequently asked car insurance questions are:

  • How are insurance premiums calculated?
  • How can I save money on voluntary car insurance?

We will seek to answer both questions in this post. However, our answers are by no means exhaustive. Car insurance is a very personal thing that is largely based on individual circumstances. It would help to learn as much as you can about car insurance law to ensure you adequately protect yourself as a driver and car owner.

How Are Insurance Premiums Calculated?

The concept of insurance is pretty uniform no matter where you purchase it or what it covers. When you buy a policy, you are paying the insurance company a certain amount of money in exchange for protecting you against significant financial loss in the event of a claim. The insurance company is willing to take the risk because they can use the money you pay in premiums to invest. The idea is to make a profit from those investments that far outpaces whatever the company pays out in annual claims.

With this understanding, it should be clear that insurance premiums are calculated based on the amount of risk the driver poses to the insurance company. The greater the risk, the higher the premiums. Insurance companies employ an army of actuaries who use statistical data to determine how much risk a driver poses. They look at a number of things, including:

  • the age and sex of the driver
  • individual driving history
  • the make, model and year of the car
  • where the car is parked at night
  • any modifications or improvements made to the car
  • how the car is primarily used (e.g., commuting to work, pleasure, or business).

All of the factors are combined to create a mathematical score representing risk. That score determines what you will pay in premiums.

How Can I Save Money on Voluntary Car Insurance?

You can't really save significant money on green slip insurance because it is mandatory and does not rely as much on the above factors. But there are things you can do to reduce what you pay for voluntary cover like comprehensive and third party fire and theft. The most important thing is to maintain a clean driving record – meaning you are avoiding accidents and violations. Understand that your driving history is the single most important factor to influence your premiums.

You can also save money by:

  • parking your car in a safe and secure place at night
  • equipping your car with safety and anti-theft equipment
  • limiting the number of additional drivers you nominate on your policy
  • choosing market value instead of agreed value
  • accepting a higher excess
  • taking a driver safety course.

You should also consider asking your car insurance company about discounts when you renew. Discounts are tools used by providers to encourage new customers to purchase from them. The thing is, most people are eligible for discounts they are unaware of. Ask about any and all discounts you are entitled to. There is no point in paying more than you have to.

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