bird photo retouching

Bring your camera and take amzing shot during travel will make you happy especially if you get lucky and shoot a colourful bird along the way - a brilliant bee-eater, a hoopoe among the pines, a macaw in a tropical canopy, or even more good capture. At best these area soft images, or distant blurs that need all the assistance from photo retouching on a computer later.

If you want to improve your skill on taking bird photos - especially you are travelling to an wild life national park, you should be well prepared on shooting concept, operation, and your cameras. Most of serious photographer will have a DSLR with a continuous focus mode. This continually changes the auto focus when you half press the shutter and it is very useful to follow a bird in flight, as is a high speed drive mode. A 400mm lense is the starting point for serious bird photograher, with an f stop as fast as you can afford. You should be able to push the shuuter speed up to ISO 1000 to freeze any movement. A monopod is a necessary part to keep the camera still - especially if you own a long lens. Dawn and dusk are when birds are at their most active, and many birds area invisble for the best part of the day.