Portrait photo is a main subject for photographers.It requires the ability to analyse people's face in order to capture the emotion. If you are interested in this area, where better to start experimenting with shooting portraits than with the faces you know most intimately, at home? Grandparents, the newly born... the material in the average household is enough to fill a life magazine photo essay.It is when one ventures out into the world that the challenge of attaining access to members of the public obliging enough to let you take their pho begins.

When you walk on the street and want to take some portrait photo, there are two ways of approaching strangers - stealth or request. If you are confident in yourself and of your camera comfortable with the lens and know how to handle natural light, then stealth isdefinitely preferable. After all, what draws you to a particular character can be something as fleeting as a look in their eye, or the increase of a face when it smiles.