travel photo retouching

Discover with your camera

Travel photographer are those who want to discover, shoot and experience with enthusiasm and some knowledge of photography. They know the way that light and shadows work, and of how a picture is composed, he or she will want to take a photograph that not only has a “wow” factor, but also one that reveals their personal interpretation of a view, that shows a place in a particular circumstance or light.

Each image will carry the weight of the photographers own integrity. These pictures will be part of a chapter in their lives that other people can look at and share and even, sometimes, admire. Our ability to take an inexhaustible number of pictures means that we can chart our experiences and adventures in detail, which build, episode by episode, into the tale of our whole life. This is photography as immortality, evidence that we have been not just to particular places, but that we have had an existence on the planet at all. Our lives can be visually documented from family occasions to the times that we were perhaps at our happiest: unknown, unencumbered, experiencing newness, just being out in the world, travelling. A well performed photo retouching is the best way to keep your travel experience last long.

Many travel photographers hope for lasting images of a dying world — of landscapes transmuting under climate change, of diminishing wildlife, changing cityscapes, anything that may not be here tomorrow. This is the traveller as witness, one of the photographer's most important roles. The story of a place.