In 2003 Stephen Johnson became the first photographer to be elected into the Photoshop Hall of Paine, an organisation that has much to slap backs about. Adobe Photoshop and its successors have meant that post-production now has just as much a roll to play in making an image as the camera. Be- cause the image can be practically re-shot on screen, altering the aperture by a full four stops, sharpening the focus and changing colour balance, many of the skills of the professional film photogra- pher are no longer necessary. Grain (“noise” in digital) has been all but eliminated and in 2005 I-IDR (High Dynamic Range) tonemapping was introduced by Adobe, allowing adjustments in brightness, contrast and saturation in local areas across the image, thereby enhancing detail. Some find the re- sults can look over-processed; others, once they learn a picture is created using HDR, say it detracts from their appreciation of the image. Whatever anybody thinks, it is a remarkable tool. If you have no time on retouching photos, choose our photoshop service as a prompt solution.