Some of the most amazing photos can be as simple as you can imagine, a cute aniaml in front of single colour backgronud, an autumn leaf beside a blurred stream of water,etc. One of the reasons these images are so elfective is due to no confusion about the main point interest.

It is wise to avoid use misleading guidelines that can potentially confuse the viewer. This could be a meandering pathway that disappears out of the frame, rather than ending at a building, or the main branch of a tree that takes the eye off to the side rather than upwards. This also applies to portrait in a photograph.

Imagine a photo taken in a market where the centre of interest is a coffe maker and a particular bags of coffee beans. People may be gathered around the coffee store, as subordinate elements, and it would be best to shoot them drinking coffee. The peoples gaze leads the eye in the same way that a line of fence posts do.

Experiment with this rule about the centre of interest in mind. Think about people looking away; their gaze could lead to another part of the image that may be just as interesting. Alternatively the image can also be improved by photo retouching.