You may wonder if it is necessary to use photo retouching to improve the quality of raw photo. Generally speaking photo retouching is the method to adjust an original photo for its better presentation via multiple modern photo processing technology.

Most of cases retouchers perform accurate actions that do not heavily change the nature of an image. There are lots of web apps or PC software can complete this complicated task buy a simple click, however those global adjustments such as changing colour contrast, white balance brightness or apply layer effects are believed to be not customised enough for particular circumstance. Let us go though it case by case.

Products photo editing

Unlike other types of photo, the purpose of retouching products photo is to make it more compelling and persuasive for potential customers. Choosing well retouched photo on banner, online ads, website and apps can significantly increase the conversion rate and lead to sales. Some advanced level of photo retouching can involve of quality art effect that deliver visual enhancements for promotional material.

Portraits photo editing

A most common tool to retouch portraits photo is photoshop. When apply the right tool it can perform actions automatically like photo editing experts. As a general user it is still required to apply the pre defined settings carefully to avoid some "plastic" looking.

Event photo editing

Event photos are precious memories that captured all very moment in our life. A photo can worth thousands of word in terms of value to be passed. Using those magic like adding missing people or unwanted object, adjusting exposure levels can meet special requirements