Have you ever wondered how some photographers are able to take photos with cinematic effects? Even a simple Instagram account user has better visual effects on their photos than you have despite being a photographer. You will be surprised to know that there are some simple hacks and household equipment that you can use to add more effects in your images and improve your skills. Here are some of the hacks you can consider using.

Use a fish tank for underwater shots

Underwater shots are the best but things can get confusing when you do not have a waterproof camera. We all know that how much care we have to take to assure that even our waterproof camera will not get submerged in water for too long. Well, there is a simple solution. You can use the fish tank for the effect. Take a fish tank or glass bowl that is larger than your camera and you can submerge it into the water without getting your camera wet. Take as many underwater shots as you like and surprise everyone with the skill.

Create a broken wall with tin foil

If you are planning to add a little panoramic effect, nothing can be better than the broken wall. But there is no need to find one when you can create the wall of your own. Here are some of the steps you need to follow.

  1. Take a huge tin foil, so it can properly cover the background of your photo
  2. You have to crush it to make it look like a broken wall. Assure that the foil is properly crushed, so it will not give a fake appearance
  3. Attach it to your wall with the tape and capture as many images as you like.

Use forced perspectives

One of the most important things you have to consider is the focal perspective. Once you will learn to change the perspective according to your requirements, it will become easier for you to take some of the best shots. You have to assure that you keep your focus on two objects with such perfection that if one of them is appearing clear and large the other should have some importance but it should appear distant. It will allow you to make people look like they are flying or add other effects.

Create a cool shadow with strainer

Creating a shadow on the face of your model is the hardest job you will have to deal with. However, if you have the required lights, it is not going to be an issue. All you have to do is get a strainer and arrange it against the light with such perfection that the shadow of strainer will fall on the face of your model. It will create a cool shadow and you can even say that she was wearing a veil.

Similarly, there are many cool hacks that you can use to show enhance your skills and show your expertise to the world. Assure that the hacks you are using are properly managed otherwise you might give the insight to your viewers that what you are doing. Tourists and other objects that are affecting the quality of the image should be removed. 

Traveling through Australia is no small feat, as the continent is a staggering 2.97 million miles! However, if you have a set itinerary, you can definitely see a nice amount of land with some great scenery. Of course, be sure to take your camera with you, so you can capture all of the amazing colors and settings that Australia has to offer.

This article will focus on Sydney, perhaps Australia’s most popular tourist city due to its picturesque beaches. If you’re traveling to Sydney from abroad, that means you most likely flu with Qantas airlines, Australia’s biggest national airline. (And don’t forget to sell your extra Qantas miles after your trip!). Upon arriving into Sydney you will immediately see some incredible coastal lines.

While walking around Sydney, make sure that you check out the incredible coast line, which you can walk along and stroll at a leisurely pace. And of course, there are plenty of things to check out along the way, including the famous SKYWALK at the Sydney Tower Eye, which also happens to be Sydney’s highest open-air attraction!

Once you finish the scenery, you probably want to check out the wildlife. The two best places to visit for this are probably the Taronga Zoo and the Sydney Aquarium, which are even more fun if you have kids or siblings to bring along.

Speaking of kids, you may want some educational aspects, which you can do with a museum tour. The most popular museums to check out are: the Australian Museum, the Australian National Maritime Museum at Darling Harbour, as well as the interactive Powerhouse Museum.

Assuming you are visiting Sydney during the warm weather months with your camera in tow, make sure to visit the following outdoors activity spots: Sydney BridgeClimb, Australian Wildlife 4WD Tour, and a truly spectacular Sydney Whale-Watching Cruise which the whole family is sure to enjoy. Just make sure you have your digital camera batteries fully charged!


If airline trip to Sydney is in your plan, you might be thinking about using an airport shuttle to take you to and from the airport to your house, hotel, as well as other destination. The shuttle is an effective and quite cheap option for most travelers. Therefore, when you are having travel plans, find information in the local airport to know what airport shuttle they can offer. Spend some time to read the following article to determine if the shuttle is most suitable solution for you along with your budget.

sydney shuttle bus

An airport shuttle is a type of transportation which can carry passengers to, from, or even within airport terminals. They are generally incorporate branding and come with wider luggage space when compared with an ordinary bus.

If you are traveling on a minimum budget, an airport shuttle Sydney is an ideal option. Most of the shuttle services try to fill the price gap between limousine and public transport. Such services make it possible for many individuals to share the cost, leading to more affordable fares. Nevertheless, if you choose airport shuttles brace yourself to devote a longer time on the road as other individuals are picked or dropped off. In addition, this kind of service is normal in high population areas.

sydney shuttle bus

One of the enjoyable things about travelling can be the journey to and from the airport. Getting the most convenient way to reach your destination might seem like it is more frustration than it is worth. However, when you do your research, you will not only reduce costs, but your comfort and precious time as well.

If you are trying to find Sydney airport transfers you can hire a shuttle service like Plan B Shuttle. This company is also available online which will help your car hire request. It’s best to visit their website and choose your destination and amount of. There are even discounted rates offered on that site, especially when you book early.

Plan B Shuttle will take you to your desired locations in the city and also suburbs or they will carry you to your final destination. Various packages are offered to suits the need of each passenger. The shuttle drivers’ goal is to give you maximum comfort and effectiveness so that you will spend as short while as possible in the airport or even while traveling.

sydney shuttle bus

The price we quote over the phone will be the same price posted on www.planbshuttle.com.au with no exceptions.

If you take nice photos and want to print your work, retouching those photos can be a good option. Most times a free photo editor may not deliver the result that you expect, so why not hire some experts to do the job for you?

Quick retouch is proud of providing professional photo retouching and image editing, photoshop services at cost effective manner and fast turn around time. Come back often to check our latest deals. We turn your photo to lifetime good memory.


Choosing someone to pick an accountant as a freelancer or contractor can be hard. However, this guide will help you make the right decision.

1. Look for someone who specializes in your industry.

As a general rule of thumb, any accountant should be able to handle your books. However, you may get better results by looking for an accountant who specializes in your particular industry.

Accountants who have taken the time to learn the ins and outs of a specific industry can generally provide you with far better service than general accountants. General accountants tend to work with many different types of businesses. Although this makes them versatile, they may not know as much detailed information about your industry as a specialist.

Typically, accountants who specialize in a particular type of accounting charge a flat-rate fee for their services on a monthly basis. This fee usually includes everything from managing your accounts to dealing with payroll, handling your tax return, and providing you with support as needed. When looking for an accountant, make sure to read the list of services that are included in each package carefully. That way, you can be sure that you are getting all of the services that you need.

By going with a specialist rather than a general accountant, you can rest easy, knowing that they are extremely knowledgeable about matters that directly impact your business. For instance, they can help you deal with issues related to IR35 or other factors that apply specifically to your industry.

In many cases, accountants may offer cloud-based services. Depending on the setup, the cloud storage may be managed by the company or they may rely on an outside cloud provider such as Xero or Free Agent. In many cases, the cloud platform is designed to integrate with accounting tools such as Receipt Bank. Typically, these services are a much better choice than old-fashioned accounting firms that rely on spreadsheets.

Over the past couple of decades, the number of accountants working with contractors and freelancers has increased. Typically, these accounting firms offer a variety of different packages. For contractors who can manage most of their accounting issues on their own, they have basic support packages. For contractors who need more support, however, they have all-inclusive packages that cover every aspect of accounting including tax planning.

2. Make sure the accountant is qualified.

Accounting firms that specialize in working with freelancers or consultants are typically operated by professionally qualified chartered accountants. This can give you a lot of peace of mind, knowing that your books are in good hands. Always make sure that any accountants who will be working on your books are fully qualified for the job.

3. Choose the right size firm.

Accounting firms can vary significantly in size. Some have relatively few clients while others serve thousands.

The level of service that you receive from the firm can be impacted by the number of clients that they have. For instance, accounting firms with thousands of clients usually provide a more institutional experience for their clients, whereas smaller firms tend to approach their accounting with a more personal touch.

If you want to be able to talk to the same person every time you call in for support, you should consider going with a smaller firm. Larger firms will usually direct your call to one of many different accountants, meaning that you may have to talk to someone different every time you call.

4. Ask around for recommendations.

Chances are, you know other people who work as contractors. Consider asking them to recommend an accountant.

Keep in mind, as well, that it is usually easier to switch accounting firms if you are working with a company that offers cloud-based services. Even if the firm that you choose is perfect for your needs right now, you may need to switch to a different firm in the future if your business grows or changes.

5. Consider the cost.

Find out what the average going rate for a typical accounting package is for contractors.

Once you know approximately how much you should be charged, it is much easier to compare prices. Keep in mind, however, that different accounting packages provide different levels of service suggest VAT Global. For instance, a package that covers all of your accounting needs will naturally be more expensive than one that provides less support. If you choose a smaller package, you may need to pay extra for additional services such as having your personal tax return completed.

As a general rule of thumb, you should avoid the cheapest accounting services, opting for a service that provides more support at a reasonable price.

6. Switching to a different accountant.

If you choose the wrong accountant, you can always change to a different one instead. Although this can be a little bit challenging, things should get back to normal within very little time after the switch.

In some cases, your business might grow so much that your current accountant can't handle the amount of work that you are sending their way or isn't qualified to provide you with the advice that you need. For instance, if you are used to working independently but suddenly hire employees, you may need a larger accounting firm or a firm that specializes in working with small businesses instead.

You may want to think about the future when choosing an accounting firm. Some firms provide multiple levels of support. That means that you can move up to a larger support package at the same firm without having to move all of your information to a different company.

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