If you are planning to have a DIY wedding, there are an endless number of things that you can do yourself that are not only easy, but can help you keep a simple budget as most of the wedding cost will be on crafting supplies. You can make your centerpieces, escort cards, decorations, invitations, and so much more. And while these can be fun projects for you, your bridesmaids, and the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom to do, you can also do these things yourself if you choose to go that route instead.

Pick a Theme

While some weddings are more traditional with ribbons, lace, and flowers, you can also do a themed wedding where you pick one thing that you and your Groom have in common and build off of that idea. It is probably easier said than done when it comes to finding something you have in common that you can turn into a wedding, you can even use your wedding to tell the story of how you and your husband-to-be met. If you met while skiing on the slopes, you can have a winter wedding and use snowflake cut outs and little figures on skis to tell the story of how you met. Or if you both enjoy gardening, you can choose your favorite flower and base your wedding off the colors of the flower and integrate them into your bouquets and centerpieces. These are just a few simple ideas to get you started, but you can also choose other themes like the carnival, the beach, and many others.

Floral Arrangements

If you choose to have floral arrangements for your centerpieces, you can do many different things to make your arrangement look more unique. You can use a simple glass jar and fill it with pearl beads then arrange your flowers on top. Or you can use crystal glasses and float your flowers in those surrounding a fishbowl over flowing with flowers and surrounded by flower petals. If you are planning a fall wedding, you can take small gourds and cut the tops off, place a candle in the space and finish it off with a few small flowers to help secure the candle in place. These floral arrangements are both unique and can easily be customized to fit the theme of your wedding while staying on or under budget.


When you think of your invitations, you may want to consider how many people you will be inviting to your wedding. If you are looking at over 50 people, you may want to have your invitations printed. That is unless you have already roped in the bridesmaids to help and have all the pieces put together. You can have the printer print your invitation with all the embellishments and information, then use a little glue to decorate your invitation however you wish. You can add ribbons that are tied into tiny bows or even add a little glitter to your invitation that would have cost extra at the printer.

Escort Cards

These little place cards can be a lot of fun for you to make on your own as you can use mints, candies, flowers, or crafting supplies that have a little tag tied to them to tell people where they sit. These can even double as party favors, as some people use mini bottles of bubbles. Another grand idea for a winter wedding would be mason jars of hot cocoa mix complete with marshmallows and a cinnamon stick, or tea leaves and a cinnamon stick, topped with a sparkly bow and garnished with a gift-tag containing the name of the person who should sit in that specific place. This also doubles as a warm party favor that will have everyone talking for years to come.


While decorations are rather easy once you have a theme, you may also want something for between the pews in the church, or chairs for an outdoor wedding, and maybe something for the back of your car that people can see as you drive away from your wedding. Many people use extremely wide pieces of ribbon that they zip-tie to the tops of the pews and chairs and garnish with flowers to hide the zip-tie. Or they place fake flowers beneath the rear window of their car with a sign on the bumper that says ‘Just Married!’, but you can use so many other things other than flowers. Some people use leaves in the fall, lace in the spring, pine branches and baby’s breath in the winter, and balloons in the summer. These are fantastic ideas to get your wheels turning while planning your DIY wedding.

DIY Wedding Cake Ideas

That is right, you can DIY your wedding cake. It isn’t as hard as it seems, and if you do many flat cakes and have a cake stacker, it is that much easier. The cake stacker give your wedding cake the appearance of having many tiers and allows you to use cake, brownies, and so many other delicious deserts for your wedding cake. This provides your guests with many options, but it is suggested that the top tier of your cake is done professionally as this will be a special treat for you and your groom years down the road, or at least that is tradition.

Other Unique Ideas

While you can always go with the traditional feel, you can also be unique in how it is presented. You can hang twinkle lights from the ceiling and submerge flower in candle holders of water, topping them with floating candles. You can even set balloons free from every table after the toasts have been made. Another fabulous idea would be to take empty Christmas bulbs that you would usually fill with tulle, tinsel, and other beautiful things, and instead create little scenes of your favorite moments with your groom. These little moments would make the perfect centerpieces and little keepsakes that you can hang onto after your wedding day.

Have you ever wondered how some photographers are able to take photos with cinematic effects? Even a simple Instagram account user has better visual effects on their photos than you have despite being a photographer. You will be surprised to know that there are some simple hacks and household equipment that you can use to add more effects in your images and improve your skills. Here are some of the hacks you can consider using.

Use a fish tank for underwater shots

Underwater shots are the best but things can get confusing when you do not have a waterproof camera. We all know that how much care we have to take to assure that even our waterproof camera will not get submerged in water for too long. Well, there is a simple solution. You can use the fish tank for the effect. Take a fish tank or glass bowl that is larger than your camera and you can submerge it into the water without getting your camera wet. Take as many underwater shots as you like and surprise everyone with the skill.

Create a broken wall with tin foil

If you are planning to add a little panoramic effect, nothing can be better than the broken wall. But there is no need to find one when you can create the wall of your own. Here are some of the steps you need to follow.

  1. Take a huge tin foil, so it can properly cover the background of your photo
  2. You have to crush it to make it look like a broken wall. Assure that the foil is properly crushed, so it will not give a fake appearance
  3. Attach it to your wall with the tape and capture as many images as you like.

Use forced perspectives

One of the most important things you have to consider is the focal perspective. Once you will learn to change the perspective according to your requirements, it will become easier for you to take some of the best shots. You have to assure that you keep your focus on two objects with such perfection that if one of them is appearing clear and large the other should have some importance but it should appear distant. It will allow you to make people look like they are flying or add other effects.

Create a cool shadow with strainer

Creating a shadow on the face of your model is the hardest job you will have to deal with. However, if you have the required lights, it is not going to be an issue. All you have to do is get a strainer and arrange it against the light with such perfection that the shadow of strainer will fall on the face of your model. It will create a cool shadow and you can even say that she was wearing a veil.

Similarly, there are many cool hacks that you can use to show enhance your skills and show your expertise to the world. Assure that the hacks you are using are properly managed otherwise you might give the insight to your viewers that what you are doing. Tourists and other objects that are affecting the quality of the image should be removed. 

Placing a photograph on your resume may feel strange. Job seekers often overlook this practice; however, many companies prefer to have a resume with a photograph. Adding your photograph to your resume when you are applying for a job at a company can help show that you understand the job culture. When choosing a photo, you want one that works for you rather than against you.

Check out this video to learn what recruiters are looking for in their resumes.

When choosing a photograph to put on a resume, you want one that is professionally done. Dressing as a successful professional can actually increase the odds of being called for an interview; so, make sure that you look your best. Here are some tips to make sure your photo has the factors companies are looking for.

* Opt for a solid one color plain background.

* The photo should give a clear view of your head and the top of your shoulders.

* You should ensure that you do not have any tattoos showing.

* If you wear jewelry, it should be kept to a minimum.

* Keep your appearance professional looking by wearing a business suit.

* Look directly into the camera to maintain eye contact.

It is essential that you remember that you maintain a professional appearance that includes a suit and tie for males and a business outfit for women even if you believed the job you are applying for is with a friendly and relaxed company. Companies pride themselves on professional employees that dress conservatively. This means that men should have their top button buttoned and their tie tied properly and women should cover up and remain conservative in their dress.

Do not be tempted to show off your personality in your clothing for the photo because this will be viewed as an insult in the company's eyes.

Your resume should include all of the information that the employer needs to know about you, and the clothing you wear should showcase how serious and professional you are.  Download a resume template that allows you to showcase all of this info. Additionally remember, a friendly, happy face may spark the interest of the interviewer more than a stern glare. For best result, slightly smile so that the corners of your mouth tilt subtly up.

Once you have decided on your clothing, it is time to ensure you do not make other common mistakes. Most companies prefer that a man is cleanly shaven in the resume photo. This means that you may need to cut off your mustache. Women should wear minimal make. When applying your makeup, you want it to appear so natural that the interview is unsure if you are wearing makeup or not.

Another important thing to remember is that the employer considers your hairstyle. Women should tie their hair back so the interviewer can view their entire face. Men should avoid the tousled look and instead go for a more sleek style. Finally, never wear a hat for your resume photo.

If you take nice photos and want to print your work, retouching those photos can be a good option. Most times a free photo editor may not deliver the result that you expect, so why not hire some experts to do the job for you?

Quick retouch is proud of providing professional photo retouching and image editing, photoshop services at cost effective manner and fast turn around time. Come back often to check our latest deals. We turn your photo to lifetime good memory.


Some of the most successful images are very simple - an autumn leaf beside a blurred stream of water, or a person looking across a great landscape. One of the reasons these images are so effective is because there is no confusion about the main point interest — the eye is taken straight there. Paths, tracks, railway lines, roads rows of buildings, trees, fences, telegraph poles and wires can all be used to guide the viewer. If a path leads to a gate, then the gate should be open, inviting the viewer into the photograph. An open gate, door or window is always more positive than a closed one. A flow of water can take the eye towards the leaf. Vanishing points can lead the eye to various parts of the image. Strong diagonals are a dynamic element to use, and can be created in almost every situation. Viewed from below, a modern bridge can dramatically launch itself into a photograph from an upper corner and lead the eye towards a town or city.

You should avoid including misleading guidelines that reduce the impact of a shot or confuse the viewer. This could be a meandering pathway that disappears out of the frame, rather than ending at a building, or the main branch of a tree that takes the eye off to the side rather than upwards. This also applies to people in a photograph.

Imagine a picture of a market, for example, where the centre of interest is a fruit seller and a particular pile of exotic fruit. People may be gathered around the stall, as subordinate elements, and it would be best to picture them looking at the fruit. The peoples gaze leads the eye in the same way that a line of fence posts do.

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