You may wonder if it is necessary to use photo retouching to improve the quality of raw photo. Generally speaking photo retouching is the method to adjust an original photo for its better presentation via multiple modern photo processing technology.

Most of cases retouchers perform accurate actions that do not heavily change the nature of an image. There are lots of web apps or PC software can complete this complicated task buy a simple click, however those global adjustments such as changing colour contrast, white balance brightness or apply layer effects are believed to be not customised enough for particular circumstance. Let us go though it case by case.

Products photo editing

Unlike other types of photo, the purpose of retouching products photo is to make it more compelling and persuasive for potential customers. Choosing well retouched photo on banner, online ads, website and apps can significantly increase the conversion rate and lead to sales. Some advanced level of photo retouching can involve of quality art effect that deliver visual enhancements for promotional material.

Portraits photo editing

A most common tool to retouch portraits photo is photoshop. When apply the right tool it can perform actions automatically like photo editing experts. As a general user it is still required to apply the pre defined settings carefully to avoid some "plastic" looking.

Event photo editing

Event photos are precious memories that captured all very moment in our life. A photo can worth thousands of word in terms of value to be passed. Using those magic like adding missing people or unwanted object, adjusting exposure levels can meet special requirements

You may be familiar with RAM Mounts and their suitability for improving your car setup, motorcycle setup and more - but did you know how they can be used to enhance your photography setup? RAM make thousands of different components, and over time we’ve seen many photographers, camera-operators and more from the entertainment industry develop an array of different creative uses for DSLR, mirrorless, and action cameras (such as the GoPro).

Below are 4 RAM Mounts that each and every photographer should put in their camera bag.

Make Your DSLR Camera compatible with RAM Mounts with: 1/4 Adapters


Looking at you, Canon, Nikon, or Sony camera operators.
Most modern DSLR cameras include a 1/4″ thread connection, and with one of our RAM 1/4" Threaded Camera Adapters (below) you can make your DSLR compatible with a wide range of RAM Mounts and components.

For smaller cameras, the B size option will suit you fine. However if your camera is a little on the heavier side, or if you're using it in more demanding circumstances – consider the C size option.

B Size RAM 1/4" Threaded Camera Adapter
C Size RAM 1/4" Threaded Camera Adapter

The Reliable and Versatile Travel Companion: The RAM Tough-Claw

Despite already being popular with motorcycles, ATVs, forklifts and wheelchairs - the RAM Tough-Claw™ is a perfect travel companion for photographers.

Ever found yourself without a tripod? Well, we're sure you have. Anyway, when you're just needing that extra stability for your camera, simply use one of these Tough-Claw clamping mounts.
Just twisting the knob will ensure your grip is tight, whether on round, square, or oddly-shaped rails and bars. The RAM Tough-Claw™ is sold in small, medium, and large versions, and with various size ball adapters.

For action camera users, our 14" or 24" poles can create more interesting perspectives in nearly any use case.

Wildlife Lighting, Camera Mounts: The RAM Tough-Tap™

Thinking of going bush? Then you'll want to bring the RAM Tough-Tap™ mount. Whether it's mounting your Phone, GoPro or other camera to a tree (to catch yourself some footage of Drop Bears or Bigfoot), or mounting your favourite lighting accessory while out in the forest (such as the Lumecube), the RAM Tough-Tap™ mount has you covered.

For nature and wildlife photographers - or even portrait photographers operating in a unique setting - this is an ideal solution for getting that perfect angle or unique lighting.

And don't worry - you're not going to hurt the tree. The screw attached is simply too small to leave any damage.

All You Need for Your GoPro / Action Camera

When it comes to action cameras, nothing accompanies them better than RAM Mounts and their vibration-dampening technology. You can achieve amazing camera angles and perspectives while getting minimal to zero shake, depending on the situation.

The RAM Action Camera adapter will allow you to utilise RAM arms, extensions, and a wide variety of mounting bases, such as the Suction Cup Range the RAM Tough-Claw™.


So if you’re 4x4ing, mountain biking, piloting a plane, paddle boarding, fishing, there's a RAM mounting setup for you.


View our RAM Camera Mounts

Photographers are in high demand right across Perth Western Australia. You will find many who run their own program and many others who work with big names. It is essential to do your research to identify a good photographer in Perth. This will ensure that your images stand out perfectly and remain nostalgic memories forever. With the availability of many important names, it is really difficult to choose one. That's why it's better to follow some of the tips described below.

Understand your own needs

I could only find a good photographer if you really identify what you want. Think about the look you want to give the photos and draw a conclusion based on your style and preferences. Once your needs are clarified, you can easily find a photographer that perfectly meets your needs.

Sudden decisions lead to disaster

Take your time to identify the photographer because, when it comes to quick options, it is possible to hire beginners who do not have much experience. If you need amateur photographers, do not worry about running. Time plays a crucial role if you only need experienced photographers. You can talk to people and continue to investigate only when you have time.

Make plans

Planning plays a very important role in a marriage. Make sure everything else is in place, make a schedule with your photographer. In this way, with everything else taken care of by the photographer, it would be easy to have enough time to do his work according to the calibre.

Do not hesitate to ask for help

Asking for recommendations to family and friends whose wedding photos have been covered would be the best way to choose a good photographer. In this way, you know how they work and the quality they offer.

Ask one to one

Meet your photographers in person so you can decide. This will give you a brief description of how they work and will also help you determine if you will succeed with them. It is essential that you establish a relationship with your photographer on the first date.

Review comments

This is a very good way to identify a photographer's experience. Check previous customer reviews online or you can even talk to them over the phone if you can get their number.

Review and compare packages

A professional photographer is sure to have several packages. Only with the comparison can you identify the best package in terms of quality and benefits.

Make an initial agreement

Planning and adjustment will allow the photographer to work without having to endure other requirements. Talk to them and come to an agreement about the details and coverage of the entire ceremony. Seal an agreement before starting to work with the photographer; this will allow the process to flow freely and without obstacles.

By taking into account these common elements, you can surely call professionals photographer in Perth. You just need to do an online search to get a list of available agencies that can help you recruit experts. Simply contact a trusted agency and hire professionals for photography. You can easily consult the portfolio of experts on the official website of these reputable companies. Simply select the best professionals and hire them easily to do the necessary work in a convenient way.

The American photographer Edward Weston once declared: “To consult the rules of composition before making a picture is a little like consulting the law of gravitation before going for a walk. Such rules and laws are deduced from the accomplished fact; they are the products of reflection.”

It is true that instinct is a photographer's guiding force, but instinct can be trained, and a little reflection on what makes a good photograph can go a long way towards achieving a striking image. We all have our own favourite travel photographs, and even though these may be completely different for each person, they will obey certain rules.

Creating an unforgettable shot is the positioning of the subject within both the frame and general layout of the image. The photographer must be aware of what elements are within their control (elevation, point of view, distance from subject, and so on) and what is not (the amount of sea to the horizon, a dense group of trees on one side). Working within these parameters, every photographer will find a way of getting their best photograph.A post photo retouching process can also improve the work.

Some of the most amazing photos can be as simple as you can imagine, a cute aniaml in front of single colour backgronud, an autumn leaf beside a blurred stream of water,etc. One of the reasons these images are so elfective is due to no confusion about the main point interest.

It is wise to avoid use misleading guidelines that can potentially confuse the viewer. This could be a meandering pathway that disappears out of the frame, rather than ending at a building, or the main branch of a tree that takes the eye off to the side rather than upwards. This also applies to portrait in a photograph.

Imagine a photo taken in a market where the centre of interest is a coffe maker and a particular bags of coffee beans. People may be gathered around the coffee store, as subordinate elements, and it would be best to shoot them drinking coffee. The peoples gaze leads the eye in the same way that a line of fence posts do.

Experiment with this rule about the centre of interest in mind. Think about people looking away; their gaze could lead to another part of the image that may be just as interesting. Alternatively the image can also be improved by photo retouching.

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